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MckenzieRMG & Associates

MckenzieRMG & Associates are a full service provider in the security industry.  We present our customers with the necessary tools to reach all security goals. We are the providers of a wide range of security services.  Our goal is to provide the very best in security solutions, enhancing the environment of our clients.The company will observe, assess, critique, and make recommendation for current security situations. Our staff are among the best in the business. 

Security Management

Duties, responsibilities, observations, assessments, critiques, recommendations.

Facilities Security

    Campus security, premises security fire safety, site surveys, event planning

Security Operations

Posts, vehicular patrols, canine teams, bike patrol, crime reporting, patrol manuals

Prepared Readiness

Evacuations, mobilizations, emergency response

Counter Terrorism

Executive protection, surveillance

Community Policing

Partnerships, problem solving

Gang Culture

Affiliations, philosophies

Behavioral Threat Assessment


Active Shooter